As part of the School of Young Teachers in the college held a seminar-workshop “Methods of problem-based learning.
In order to provide methodological assistance to young teachers, the teacher of general education disciplines Gerya Vera Grigorievna held a training seminar on “Methods of problem-based learning.
The aim of the seminar was to consider the types of problematic tasks, ways to create problematic situations at the lesson, to find out the differences between the problematic method of teaching and traditional.
The lesson began with a psychological mood called “Achievement Tree”.
Listeners found out that such problematic teaching, types of problematic tasks, construction of a lesson using the method of problematic teaching.
In the practical part of the seminar the young teachers worked independently in groups, developed the task of problem nature, based on the specifics of the subject filled the comparative table problematic and traditional teaching.
All participants of the School received material for use in the didactic piggy bank. the session ended with the summing up, the students appreciated the significance of the event.