In 2022 it will be 125 years from the date of birth of the largest Kazakh writer, prominent public and statesman, academician of Academy of Sciences of Kazakh SSR Mukhtar Omarkhanovich Auezov.
As the part of the anniversary celebration the library of Kostanay Construction College prepared the book exhibition: “Mukhtar Auezov – Kazakh literature pride” – “Mukhtar Auezov – the pride of Kazakh literature”. The aim of this exhibition is the acquaintance of the students and teachers with the life and creative activity of the great Kazakh writer.
The book exhibition consists of the following materials: encyclopedias, biographical reference book, fiction and literature about him.
The novel-epic “Abai’s Way” is of special interest for the readers. This work was recognized worldwide as one of the best novels of the twentieth century, and was translated into dozens of languages of Europe and Asia. It is called the encyclopedia of the Kazakh people.
Who is Mukhtar Auezov for present and future generations? He is one of the most worthy sons of Kazakhstan, the thinker who has absorbed and reinterpreted the wisdom, traditions and creativity of his people.
The exhibited book exhibition will be presented to the readers until the end of the academic year.