On June 10, the final stage of the “Two Stars” competition was held in the college auditorium among the teaching staff and students of the college.
The final stage was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Manshuk Mametova, the hero of the Soviet Union.
Duets passed to the final with the following scores:
– D.R. Alinova and B. Kajanov – 26 b.
– Kubeeva M.K. and Aitan N. – 25 points.
– Karshalov K.S. and Amanzhulova A. – 26 б.
– Salmagambetova S.S. and Akhmetov K. – 23 б.
After listening to the compositions of the participants, the jury began to discuss and distribute places. Judges’ dispute was tense and long. But the respected jury rendered its verdict and under a storm of applause went to the stage for the announcement of the results. Places were distributed as follows:
diploma for active participation in the contest – Kubeeva M.K. and Aitan N. (36 b.);
K.S. Karshalov and Amanzhulova A. took bronze of the vocal competition (37 points);
2nd place in the 2-star competition was taken by D.R. Alinova and B. Kazhanov (37p.);
gold of vocal competition “Two stars” among teachers and students of college was awarded to a couple Salmagambetova Savle Saparbayevna and Akhmetova Kurman (37 б.).
Each pair of participants received not only diplomas, but also flowers and a sweet prize-cake. Congratulations to the winners and participants of the competition and continue to discover new stellar talents in our college.