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Интегрированный урок-конкурс

12.11.16 was integrated lesson competition in subjects “Technical mechanics” and “Building materials and products” on the topic: “A plane system of convergent forces and properties of building materials” in three languages. The competition consisted of 6 rounds. Group 310 SEZS-2 Students took an active part in this competition, perform different kinds of tasks, crossword puzzles, […]

Лето – солнечное счастье, осень – школьная пора…

Students of the architectural and technical departments took part in the competition of English remote “summer – sunny happiness, fall – school time …”, conducted by the educational-methodical center «New Opportunities», Astana. In order to think creatively about this time of year as the summer, the ability to see and capture interesting, in the opinion […]

English Club

8 October a meeting of the English club in Kostanay construction college for students wishing to further explore and improve their English. The first meeting was organized in the form of tea, during which the students were playing games aimed at the development of oral speech in the English language. Time spent with a cup […]